Main Events & Schedule

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  • Opening Ceremonies, 5-7pm, Event 1
  • Lost Souls Auction, 7-9pm, Panel Room 3
  • Cocktail Party, 9-11pm, Event 2
  • Dance, 11pm-1am, Event 2


  • Charity Auction, 2-5pm, Event 2
  • Costume Contest, 6:30-8pm, Event 1 (pre-judging and run through 5-6:15pm)
  • Chronopalooza, 9pm-12am


  • Art Auction, 1-3pm, Event 2
  • Hawaiian Shirt Contest, 4-5pm, Event 1
  • Closing Ceremonies, 5-6pm, Event 1


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CONtraflow VIII Programming Information & Request Form

Hello Fans. CONtraflow is always looking for the next great program or event idea and participant. That is where Fans like you come in. If you’d like to take part in programming at CONtraflow, then please, download and fill out the following form- then email it back to us care of

For CONtraflow VIII we’ll be accepting programming requests through October 1st. There is no guarantee that we’ll find room in our schedule for every proposed panel, but we will let you know whether it’s accepted or not. And as previously mentioned, we are always on the look-out for new events and workshops- so if you just have a suggestion for a program/panel/workshop/special event that you’d like to see at this year’s con, then send it to the Director of Programming, Rebecca Smith via

We look forward to your ideas!

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Art Show & Sale

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CONtraflow Art Show

Attention Artists,

Thank you for your interest in the CONtraflow VIII Art Show and Auction. CONtraflow is a three-day, fan-run, general science fiction convention with a literary focus held annually in the New Orleans metro area. It is dedicated to the genres of science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, and anime/manga.

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Cadet Lounge

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Stormtrooper and daughter

CONtraflow VIII Cadet Lounge (Kid Central)

CONtraflow strives to provide fun for all ages. There are panels, parties, games, gaming, films and special events all weekend long-something for every taste and Fandom. However, our convention works hard to provide the next level in everything, so for our younger Fen we offer the galaxy of fun that is the Cadet Lounge.

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The CONtraflow VIII your Game Room staff has lined up some excellent game events and workshops for you– our regional gamers. We have everything from hands-on game tutorials for new and classic RPG’s, LARP’s, board and card games, to the super-sized and exciting card, role-playing, board and miniature tournaments you want to play. All the Big Easy gaming fun and the good stuff and all in one of the only large 24-hour game rooms in the Deep South!

To help make this happen, CONtraflow needs YOU! We are again looking for Game Masters who want to run events and tournaments at our convention this year. There is prize support and one of the largest game libraries in the south to help you get started- again, all we need is YOU!!!

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Costume Contest

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CONtraflow Costume Contest

Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

It is very important that you read all the rules!

Costume Contest Event Staff Motto: For cosplayers, by cosplayers.

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