Media Guests

Darkwater FX

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Darkwater FX - Media Guest

The Brains

Jesse was born and raised in the land of pirates an fairies. i.e. New Orleans. Growing up a little stranger then most, he quickly found a knack for making bruises and horrific burns out of whatever he could find. As a young adult he traveled the world, i.e. South east US. To learn as much as he could an perfect his craft. Here he stands today stranger then ever creating some of the strangest things imaginable, ‘but he’s a FX artist, and prop builder so it really doesn’t matter” for all the worlds enjoyment ‘along with yours’.

The Brawn

Chad is a self-taught special effects artist specializing in sculpting, mold making and fabrication. He started in the field in 2012 and is loving every minute of it. Chad has made everything from fake body parts to foam and silicon prosthetics for haunted attractions and film. Chad looks forward to what his future in the FX industry has in store and where it will take him.

Ash Reese, CajuNerd LLC

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Ash Reese - Media Guest

Ash Reese has been a fixture on the gulf coast convention scene since 1996. In an effort to combine his interest of all thing Cajun and all things hopelessly nerdy, Ash formed CajuNerd Media. His breakthrough dubsmash parody of the ThunderCats cartoon (TundaMinous) found immediate popularity in the region. Ash has followed up with Couillon Quest (a Cajun Star Trek parody) and a well received series of infomercial redubs. Currently working on two studio productions, Ash is pleased as punch to bring his style of humor and entertainment to CONtraflow 2019.

Mark Verheiden

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Mark Verheiden - Comics and Media Guest of Honor

Mark Verheiden is an American television, movie and comic book writer who has written several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens and Predator lines; Verheiden is notable for having written many of the influential early series that would come to define these lines and make them so popular. His credits also include:

  • Executive Producer/Showrunner for the DC Universe series Swamp Thing
  • Creator of Timecop
  • Writer and Co-Executive Producer for Falling Skies
  • Writer for the Netflix series Daredevil
  • Co-Executive Producer for Ash vs. Evil Dead
  • Writer for Battlestar Galactica (2004) and Caprica
  • Co-Writer for Epic Comics’ Stalkers
  • Writer for DC’s Action Comics

His other works include the Mask, My Name Is Bruce, writer/producer for seasons three and four of Heroes, and writer/producer on the first three seasons of Smallville. He has also written episodes of Freakylinks, the Strip, Martial Law, Timecop the series and HBO's Perversions of Science.