J L Mulvihill

photo of J L Mulvihill

A California native, J L Mulvihill is a descendant of Hollywood royalty barely escaping with her life from the Neurotology overthrow. She now lives in hiding somewhere in the deep-south where she has learned the language of the natives and has a fondness for snipe hunting and zombie tipping. While in hiding J L Mulvihill, secretly known as Jen, has written several short stories, novels, and poetry that have nothing to do with her life.

Her debut novel, The Lost Daughter of Easa, is an engaging fantasy novel bordering on science-fiction with a dash of Steampunk, published through Dark Oak Press in 2011. The sequel to this novel is presently in the works.

Her Most recent novel, Crossings, is the sequel to The Boxcar Baby of the Steel Roots series, and released in December 2014 through Seventh Star Press. Steel Roots is a young adult series based in the Steampunk genre and engages the reader into a train hopping heart stopping adventure across America.

She is also the co-editor of Southern Haunts; The Spirits That Walk Among Us which includes a short story of her own called Bath 10, a fictional thriller involving a real haunted place. She also has a poem in Southern Haunts part 2, and a short story in Southern Haunts part 3.

Jen also has several short fiction pieces in the Dreams of Steam series published through Dark Oak Press, is very active with the writing community, and is the events coordinator for the Mississippi Chapter of Imagicopter known as the Magnolia-Tower. She is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Gulf Coast Writers Association (GCWA), The Mississippi Writers Guild (MWG), as well as the Clinton Ink-Slingers Writing Group.

Jen continues to write fantasy, steampunk, and poetry and essays inspired by her life in the South. You can find some of her short stories at

[ Dark Oak Press www.darkoakpress.com ]

as well as @ Seventh Star Press www.seventhstarpress.com
[ http://www.seventhstarpress.com ]

and at her websites:

[ http://www.elsielind.com ]

[ http://jlsbooks.blogspot.com/ ]

[ http://home.comcast.net/~mulvijen/site ]